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Online Portal:

We strongly encourage everyone to communicate with management via If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to set up your account at montevistavillas.comThis is your 1-stop shop for everything and anything related to MVV.  At this portal, you can view your account balances, schedule or make auto-payments, access forms, reserve the clubhouse,  view open maintenance requests, view violation notices and so much more!
Importantly, on the portal, you can also set communication preferences. If you don't have a registration key, contact the transition team at 888.990.2334 or Once you have access, the most efficient way to contact management is by submitting a request through the portal. 

Why are there so many Bay Alarm inspections? 

The frequency for inspections, testing and maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems and/or Sprinkler systems is mandated by the National Fire Alarm Code and the State of California. These requirements ensure that all fire alarm and sprinkler systems operate in accordance with their design requirements. In prior years, maintenance of our fire alarm systems was often overlooked. Thankfully, we are back on track with quarterly inspections. Without a proper fire alarm maintenance plan, small issues can lead to big issues and result in unnecessary repairs. In the worst case, if there was ever a fire and the alarm and/or sprinkler systems did not work, there could be serious safety and/or financial consequences.

The HOA takes all safety matters seriously.  Understandably, it is inconvenient to be home to have your unit inspected.  If you are unable to be home during the scheduled inspection, please ask a neighbor to help out. Failure to comply with inspections will result in you paying hundreds of dollars for a mandatory re-inspection visit.  

Faulty Fire Alarms

In accordance with CC&Rs, each owner shall maintain, repair and replace any smoke detectors located in the owner's unit. To schedule a replacement for faulty monitored smoke detector or report beeping on a fire panel, submit a general request work order through to report the issue. Fire alarm protocols can be found in this article

Who is responsible for lighting?

Streetlights: Streetlights are the responsibility of the City of Oakland. If you notice that a streetlight is out, report it to Please be prepared to provide the pole number. 
Condominiums: The Association is responsible for exterior lights except for lights that the owner controls (porch and patio/deck lights).
Townhomes: Owners are responsible for all lighting serving their separate interest.
Common Area Lights: The Association is responsible for all common area lighting, such as the lighting next to staircases. Each month, the "light patrol" visits MVV to assess problems and repair lights that are no longer working. To submit a lighting work order, visit Be sure to provide the exact location of the light. Photos of the fixture are appreciated.

City of Oakland Sidewalk Certification

Owners may contact the City of Oakland directly and request a "no-fee" compliance certificate from the OakDOT Permit Counter or at Exemption and Provisional Sidewalk Certificates are now available via the Online Permit Center (Accela Citizen Access – ACA). Agents/Owners: Please register as “Light Registration User.” 
After registering and logging in: 
• Apply for Permit > Continue to Building and PublicWorks (green button) 
• Disclaimer/Continue Application 
• Select a License > Licenses > None Applicable > Continue Application 
• DOT-Curb-Gutter-Sidewalk (select Exemption or Provisional) > Continue Application 
• Applicant Type (select) > Continue Application 
• Work Location (Enter address. Do not enter Unit #.) > Look Up 

Can we make MVV a gated community? 

The City of Oakland is responsible for all streets in MVV.  As such, Leona Drive does not meet the criteria set by the City for allowing a gate or security barrier.  In addition, conversations with leaders in similar communities in and around Oakland indicate that gates provide limited deterrent to crime prevention efforts, as "bad actors" simply wait for the gate to be opened by a resident or vendor and then follow them into the community. The best way to keep MVV safe is to park your car in your garage, keep your garage door closed, retrieve mail daily, and retrieve your packages immediately after they are delivered.

What is the GHAD?

The Leona Quarry Geologic Hazard Abatement District (GHAD) was formed in 2002 and is responsible for prevention, mitigation, abatement, and control of geologic hazards (landslides, erosion, and other earth movement) within the Monte Vista Villas development and adjacent homes on Campus Drive. GHADs are formed to allow property owners to group together and finance, through collection of real property tax assessments, the prevention and abatement of geologic hazards within their development. Revenue is divided between an ongoing operations/maintenance fund and the accumulation of a reserve for less frequent, but often costly, major repairs. Each year, an annual budget is considered and adopted by the Leona Quarry GHAD Board of Directors (members of the Oakland City Council). Based on the conclusions of a Reserve Study completed in 2020 and community input, the GHAD Manager recommended, and the GHAD Board agreed, to suspend the GHAD assessment levy for fiscal year (FY) 2022-23, (FY) 2021-22 (as was done in FY 2020/21) and to permanently eliminate an additional 0.5% increase over inflation. In the future, if the GHAD’s account balance falls below prudent target reserve, the levy of the assessment may be reinstated. Additional information on the Leona Quarry GHAD can be found at Answer provided by Eric Harrell, Principal at ENGEO, email:

Can we add more HOA amenities?

Adding HOA amenities like a gated dog park, pool or electric vehicle charging station may appear to be a straightforward undertaking, but there are a number of considerations. The primary considerations are the requirements of the HOA’s governing documents and budget ramifications. Legal guidance may call for an amendment to the governing documents which is a costly and time-intensive process. And other times, legal guidance may be that whatever the HOA is wishing to do is not possible within the constraints of the governing documents or even within state statutes. By adding amenities, the HOA assumes additional expenses related to maintenance and repair. The rise in commercial insurance policy premiums has taxed the Association's financial resources and the addition of new amenities is not at all economically feasible at this time. Do note, the parcel by the entrance near the fountain is owned by the Developer and the Association has no authority to develop the land.  

Why is there no action when I make a suggestion to the Board?

It depends!  Though the Board welcomes all suggestions from members, whether or not the Board acts on a suggestion is dependent on a number of factors.  The first thing that the Board does is determine whether or not the suggestion is in compliance with CC&Rs and state/local laws, and whether the suggestion is fiscally neutral. Unfortunately, suggestions that violate CC&Rs or laws cannot be pursued.  In addition, suggestions that require significant financial outlays cannot be considered at this time.

Next, if the Board determines that the suggestion complies with CC&Rs, it will encourage the member(s) to conduct research and to provide an official proposal to the Board, or to a specific committee (e.g., Security, Architectural, Communications, Finance).  All fiscal considerations (if applicable) should be included in the proposal.  The Board is comprised of homeowners who volunteer their time, and are not responsible for researching suggestions that are brought to their attention.  Their main function is to uphold certain fiduciary duties, ensure property values are maintained, and make decisions in the community’s best interests. 

Without a doubt, owners often have fabulous suggestions, and some suggestions have resulted in significant monetary savings to all of us.  For example, a couple of years ago, homeowner Owen Li approached the Board to address yearly GHAD assessments (on our annual tax bill). After extensive research, Owen rallied the community to lobby our local leaders to suspend the $1,600 GHAD assessment fee for the past two years after discovering shocking problems with how fees were calculated.  Without Owen’s research, efforts and determination, none of this would have been possible.  An involved and caring membership is good for our community, and members are encouraged to get involved!

Can we add speed bumps in the community?

Residents have researched the addition of speed bumps and learned that the steep grade of Leona Drive prohibits speed bumps. For other public streets, suggested modifications must go through the City of Oakland's vigorous approval process. The Speed Bump Program is primarily resident-driven, requiring support from two-thirds of the addresses on the block in request. Residents may apply for a speed bump any time by filling out an application found here. Every speed bump request is evaluated by Safe Streets with input from the Fire Department and AC Transit for their operational needs such as vehicle size and travel/response time. 

Can we add another stop sign on Leona?

Requests for STOP signs are managed by the City of Oakland's Safe Streets team. To submit a request, go to the City’s OAK 311 webpage. Each request is evaluated and scored based on three factors used in their prioritization model: 1. Traffic Collisions, 2. Neighborhood Equity and 3. Adjacent Land Use. According to their prioritization service request map, Monte Vista Villas is considered 'low priority' and an additional STOP sign most likely will not be allocated for the community. Please be a considerate neighbor and drive with caution in the neighborhood.

Can the HOA fine offenders who park in their driveway blocking the sidewalk?

No, it cannot.  All streets and sidewalks within MVV are public.  The HOA has no ability to levy parking fines on public streets.

But don't forget that blocking a sidewalk in CA is illegal and can be reported to  Recently, a MVV resident who was parked in their driveway but blocking the sidewalk received a $103.00 parking fine.
Fear of a fine can be effective,  but it shouldn't be the only thing that keeps residents always striving to do the neighborly thing and contribute to a safe community for all of us. 

A parked car blocking the sidewalk is a safety hazard, as it requires everyone, including children and those pushing strollers, to step off the sidewalk and walk into the street. Avoid the fine, be a good neighbor, and park your vehicle legally.

Why do trash cans disappear on trash day?

While it is possible a neighbor accidentally took your trash bin, neighbors’ cameras have captured their bins accidentally getting tossed in the garbage truck along with their weekly trash. Waste Management has shared that in the event that a bin goes into the truck compactor, the collector is not to attempt to retrieve it for their safety. You can contact Waste Management at 833-422-6686 and a new bin will be delivered the following week on trash day.

Safely dispose of your hazardous waste

Leftover household hazardous waste should never be thrown in the trash or recycling bin, flushed down the toilet, or dumped down the drain or storm sewer.  Alameda County offers a free, convenient option for properly and safely disposing of these materials - like the long fluorescent bulbs and leftover paint in your home! The Oakland facility is located at 2100 East 7th Street by appointment only. Keep your home and our community toxic free!

Mailbox is broken and/or mail is stolen:

Make a police report:
Police Department uses this information as part of their intelligence surrounding crime locations within the city.

Report suspected mail losses to Postal Inspectors: or call 877-876-2455.

Complete the USPIS Incident Report and submit to Postal Inspector, Sandra Alvarez 
USPIS Attn: Inspector Alvarez
201 13th St. Rm#112
Oakland, CA 94612
Or it can be faxed at either 651-306-6238 or 510-622-7413.
Losses are charted by the Postal Inspection Service to identify problem areas and assist Inspectors in tracking down thieves.

Report to Management:
Visit Include (1) date and time, (2) a photo of the broken box.

Arrangements for repairs or replacements will be made. Reed Security will be contacted to make repairs or order replacements/installation should it be necessary.

Tips to keep thieves away from your mailbox.
1. Do not let mail accumulate in your mailbox
2. Check Mailbox daily
3. Sign up for Informed Delivery® by USPS® see what’s arriving before it gets to your mailbox. Free Service.

Window Warranty and Replacement

Only original owners are eligible for window replaements under warranty.
See: Warranty Information 
Submit a claim through Alpine Windows
For information or decisions regarding warranty coverage, owners should contact Associated Materials. Their warranty group can be reached at 1-800-489-1144 or at

Skyview Owners Only: 
The windows have a 1-year warranty through the developer. After 1-year, you can contact the manufacturer by submitting a request at WWW.PLYGEM.COM. They will send out a window representative to inspect. You will need to provide the model # labeled on the window when submitting a claim.

Dead Animal Removal 

If you find a dead animal that needs to be removed, contact Oakland Animal Services.

Parking violations and abandoned vehicles

Report traffic and parking safety issues on public streets to the City of Oakland via the SeeClickFix app or call the police non-emergency at (510) 777-3333. If a vehicle is blocking your driveway and you recognize the car, please ask your neighbor to move it. If a vehicle is on private property (for example, the motor courts on Old Quarry Loop), call a towing company.

To report abandoned vehicles parked on the street for over 72 hours, call the city of Oakland's Abandoned Auto Detail at (510) 777-8622 or submit a ticket online at SeeClickFix.

Selling Your Home

Order Resell Documents

California Civil Code 4525 outlines the seller’s duty to disclose. Please note that the seller has 10 days from receipt of a written request for documents to provide them to the requester. If you are selling or refinancing your home, please have your agent go to: to obtain the necessary documents for the sale.

Rental Provisions

While owners are permitted to rent/lease their homes, the owner-landlord shall provide, in writing, the following contact information to management no later than ten (10) business days after the tenant moves into the unit:
  • The address of the unit rented
  • The tenant’s name
  • The tenant’s telephone number
  • The tenant's license plates and pets (if applicable)
  • The owner-landlord’s current contact information, including address, telephone number, and email.
The tenant must be given a copy of, and agree to comply with, all of the provisions of the CC&Rs, the Bylaws, and the Association Rules.